Passions In The Dust


When Seth Kenner arrived in Bowen, Australia, never could he have imagined that in a few short years he would be the wealthiest property owner in the state. He had birthright, money, property…but he didn’t have love.

Once there was a woman Seth had wanted to spend his forevers with, but he had been forced to leave Ella Matthis back in England. Out of desperation he agreed to order a mail order bride, hoping if nothing else to fill the void Ella had left in his heart.

When his mail order bride arrived at his cattle station in Bowen, he was well surprised to see the woman who was once his lover standing before him.

Ella Matthis had watched the man she loved sail away with another woman to a far off country. Her life crumbled around her from that moment she lost her home, her family, her social standing. Ella had nothing…

When she was asked to take her mistress’s place as a mail order bride to Australia, Ella immediately accepted, hoping this new land would give her a freedom she had never known, and a new start so she could finally leave behind her past and those still hunting her.

Ella knew nothing of this man she was going to meet, nor did she care for she knew he could never replace the man she had already surrendered her heart to.

Though still bitter at each other, neither Seth nor Ella can ignore the burning passion that still lays smoldering just beneath the surface. Together they face cattle rustlers and scrub fires, poisoned and shot livestock, and police who constantly turn a blind eye.. each calamity drawing them closer and closer until finally they are again surrendering their desires to each other, their passions igniting a flame neither had felt before.

Only when those hunting Ella track her to Australia does her life again begin to unravel. Though Seth had sworn to protect her, he too soon finds it isn’t only her past that has found them here in Bowen. He too has some explanations to make when Ella learns he still has a wife back in England.

Reader Alert!

Ella Matthias thought by coming to Bowen, Australia she would find freedom from the life of servitude she’d been forced into, as well as the lover, Seth Kenner, who had so coldly deserted her. Never could she have imaged that it was Seth who had sent for her.

Again being drawn into Seth’s life, Ella finds herself surrendering to passion, and experiencing pleasures in the Australian outback that she had only ever dreamed of.

These pleasures come under threat though by those who wish to destroy everything they had worked so hard to achieve. Together they must fight bush fires, cattle rustlers, poisoned stock and a wife and fiance who had come to Australia to claim what they believe is rightfully their’s.

To My Readers:

Ella Matthis, the heroine, has had to face one disaster after another but never has she given up. She shows a strength that was needed by so many women who moved to Australia during the 1870’s. Seth Kenner, the hero, shows a humility and work ethic so rarely seen amongst others of his class. And he shows resilience far beyond his years.

I love the characters, I love their strength, but most of all, I love the passion they still hold for each other even after life rips them apart. I also love the setting…an Australian cattle station…it’s just so iconic to this part of the world, as too are the threats and struggles that are faced.

I hope all my readers hold a little piece of Australia in their hearts after reading this book.

About the Author:

I’m an Australian by birth, and grew up not far from where Passions in the Dust is set. I love my country, and I feel that by setting my stories in Australia, I can give my readers a little part of my world. I have always loved romance, and the happily ever after that goes with love stories, but I also love a good mystery and scandal too, and that’s what I try to incorporate in my stories.



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