Times they were a’changing

By the end of the 19th Century, townships in North Queensland, Australia were, for the most part, fully operational.  They had streets filled with shops, clubs for men and women alike, and the general social life was not so very different to that back in England. Townships such as Ravenswood, where my book ‘She’s A lot Like You’ is set, were however going under much more drastic changes.  The townspeople were quickly leaving behind the strict structure and social requirements they had brought with them from England, and were embracing a much more independent, though also hard working lifestyle.

Dances and social events were getting fewer and being replaced instead by the simplicities of hard working rural families.  Even the gentry, who had money to spare to pay workers to do the hard work for them, soon found that the elements in Australia didn’t allow for as much of a relaxed lifestyle as what they had lived back in England.

By the turn of the century the town of Ravenswood had gone from being a bustling township with social events every weekend, to being a town filled with cattle farmers and gold miners.  As the years passed, shops began to close and families began to move on to what they seen as bigger and better opportunities in other towns.

Today Ravenswood is merely a shadow of the town it once was, but there are still a few relics from the past left standing to remind any visitors of how things used to be.

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