Passions of our Past

Writing historical romances have always been a challenge to those who do it.  There is always some historical fact that can be disputed by many a critic.

I have found this a challenge setting my own stories in Australia during the late 1800’s.  As I have tried to concentrate on the small rural townships of North Queensland, Australia I have had to search high and low for what little information there is about these places.

Having grown up in and around these areas I have been lucky enough to be shown many photo’s over the years of the beginning days of these little towns.  Still it is a challenge trying to write so many descriptions only from a photo and maybe a handful of words.

Still I have enjoyed it.  I have learnt so very much about my home town and those that surround it.  I’ve also been lucky enough to stumble across some Michael Cannon books, which detail the life and struggles of country life in rural and remote Australia.

Writing about Australia has also set the challenge of incorporating some of the traditions and medicines of the native aborigines. These too were not so easy to find.  But thankfully there is a brilliant Australian by the name of Les Hiddens who has spent most of his army career unravelling the secrets of the native Australians.  His long searched information has been very useful not only in writing but in discovering so much about my home country.

Another challenge had been certain slang terms used in Australian language, words that are not easily recognised in other countries.  Still it kind of feels like I’ve tried to bring a bit of Australian history to the readers in my books, history that does not have us all riding a kangaroo wearing a hat with corks hanging from it. (I am still to meet an Australian who does this).

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