Behind the scenes of Passions in the Dust

An Australian cattle station. A mail order bride. Cattle rustlers. Bush fires. Theft and corruption led by the greedy need for revenge. And two lovers torn from each other who are finally reunited amongst all this horror.
This is Passions in the Dust, the fourth eBook from Faye Hall.
But it is more than just a story. It was once the reality of my own family, and that of many others, who migrated to Northern Australia during the 1800’s to start a new life in a new country.

So other than my love for my country, why Australia for the backdrop of the book?

Currently most of Australia is experiencing the worst drought in history. Cattle are dying and fires are an ever increasing threat in such dry conditions. This is the life we Australians have come to expect throughout the ever changing cycles of nature, but imagine the struggle such an unforgiving environment must have been for our forefathers who settled this beautiful country of ours.
Englishmen came to this country with wondrous plans, but never could they have prepared themselves for the horrors they would face. Many men brought their wives and children with them hoping to give them a good life, only to have to send them back to the motherland or risk watching them die from the constant daily struggles. But then there were those men who were forced to leave England and those they loved behind too; forced to face the hardships and loneliness of Northern Australia alone with no one to love.

Men like Seth Kenner from Passions in the Dust.

Seth Kenner was forced to leave behind the woman he loved due to the greed of his own family. Upon arriving in Australia he struggled through for several years before the loneliness began to consume him and he could no longer fight the hunger he had to feel the softness of a woman beside him again. It was then that he sent word back to his business partners in England to arrange a marriage for him.
Mail order brides were not unusual back in the history of Australia, nor were arranged marriages to virtual strangers. Whilst doing my research though I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the man shared a history with the woman that was bought and paid for? I mean how would he react when his bought bride turned out to be the same woman he’d been having an affair with back in England before he’d been forced to leave for a country so far away?

This is the story of Passions in the Dust.

When Ella Matthis joined him in Australia, Seth doubted she’d be able to withstand the drought stricken conditions of North Queensland, Australia. Few women could. Imagine his amazement when despite injury to herself she fought alongside himself and his station hands to save the station from a bush fire.
But this too is based on the historical reality of Australia.
So many women who were first settlers in Queensland, Australia actually did stay to face the hardships with their husbands. And arranged marriages, or mail order brides or even actual love matches, though putting them through the tests of time, managed to also bring them together closer than most ever thought possible.

But the setting for Passions in the Dust is not all about hardships.
Like so many of the first settlers, Seth and Ella learn to find the beauty in their new country. Each of them were amazed at the rustic beauty of Australian flora and fauna, everything still in its natural state and not structured as they had come accustomed to back in their home country. They learn to embrace the certain amount of freedom living on a cattle station in Australia allowed to them, but they soon learn that with this freedom also comes great hardship…hardship that resulted in risking the lives of many.
Reacquainted love struggling to survive all the hells and horrors they found in their new country was the ultimate test of their relationship. A test my own ancestors faced when they came to this beautiful country of mine. But like Seth and Ella, and so many others that made North Queensland, Australia their home in the 1800’s, they pulled together and fought to survive any and all challenges that were put before them.

So if you want to visit a piece of Australia unlike any other; a piece that will melt your heart and drive you to want to go back in time and experience the wonders that were then, you will love Passions in the Dust.

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