My Gift to You Excerpt

Her long black hair fell softly around her naked shoulders, loose silken strands gently escaping, caressing her bare breasts. Her dark, piercing eyes followed her caressing hands, her soft fingertips lightly touching his bare flesh. His eyes moving, absorbing inch by glorious inch of her bare flesh, he felt arousing warmth filling him.

This naked innocent was more exquisite, more breathtaking than he could have dared to imagine possible. She was so much more than he ever thought any woman could be.

When she reached for him, her soft fingers teasingly taking his jerking organ, he was sure he would pass out from the pleasure he felt.

At the very least, he knew he would soon disgrace himself in her hand if she didn’t stop her teasing attentions. Moving his hands to hers, he tried to push her away.

Slowly her naturally pink, almost blood red lips pouted, her hand gradually ceasing its attentions.

“Please, Bailey. I want this . . . want you.”

Focusing in on all the beautiful, dark features of this girl, Bailey could feel himself being filled by a strange, though intense, feeling. He knew he should refuse this woman’s advances…

. . . Society dictated he should. . .

. . . His life dictated he must. . .

Lifting his hand to her face, he let his fingers lightly touch her naturally blushed cheek.

In this minute, he knew he couldn’t refuse her.

He was lost to her.
“Rush. . . “

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