She's a Lot Like You

Willow Jameson found not only unquenchable passion, but undying love in the arms of Re Morgan. She thought nothing would ever be able to separate them. She could not have foreseen the lies and deceitful family betrayal that would inevitably rob her of the man she loved, and forever change her life.

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Mistress Of Purity

Prue had seen something the night her father was murdered, something that would forever change her life... She had seen something that would continue to haunt her and follow her wherever she went...

Passions In The Dust

Once there was a woman Seth had wanted to spend his forevers with, but he had been forced to leave Ella Matthis back in England...When Seth Kenner arrived in Bowen, Australia, never could he have imagined that in a few short years he would be the wealthiest property owner in the state...

My Gift To You

Rush Mullens saw her parents, Joseph and Carmen, being murdered before her eyes as an 8 year old child, ten cloaked figures destroying her once peaceful life. She did not know the men responsible, but she would find them. She wanted revenge...she needed it.